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Stay protected and compliant the easy way

CCTV Safe helps CCTV & Video Doorbell operators in the UK to meet their legal obligations

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CCTV Safe policies are available exclusively through our network of approved professional installers.

You’ve protected your property, now protect yourself

Here’s how it works

Ask your installer for their CCTV Safe Installer ID

Click the Activate Policy button to purchase a suitable policy

Follow the simple instructions to create your tailored policy

Download your policy documents & retain for future reference

Keep your policy up to date to ensure it remains relevant

Did you know?


Even homeowners have responsibilities under the law if they operate CCTV or a Video Doorbell. Commercial operators have even greater responsibilities.


People may request copies of your CCTV footage in certain circumstances. Responding to
such requests in the right way is an important part of compliance.


Video Doorbell users in the UK have been sued by neighbours over invasions of privacy. A CCTV Safe Policy can help you avoid such outcomes.

The trusted provider

CCTV Safe is a trusted UK provider of tailored CCTV Data Protection policies for domestic and commercial installations.

A tailored policy

Every policy is tailored to meet the needs of a CCTV or Video Doorbell operator. Should the law change, we’ll update your policy documentation.

We’re here for you

Get 24/7 access to our FAQs, as well as assistance in responding to Subject Access Requests (SARs).

Are you a CCTV Installer?

Help your customers protect themselves. Expand your service offering and increase margins, by including a CCTV Safe Policy on your next installation project.

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